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'Studying cows, pigs and chickens can help an actor develop his character. There are a lot of things I learned from animals. One was that they couldn't hiss or boo me.'

James Dean

Piggy Co-op - This is the vast majority of the pork we use and is a  group of local farmers including the Gubbeen pigs,  providing outdoor reared pigs or indoor straw pen reared pigs, encouraging the use of traditional breeds this high quality pork is what really help makes our hams, bacon and Salami stand out.

Gubbeen Cured - Pork from Stauntons of Timoleague guaranteed Irish, Bor Bia approved, from piggeries from the Munster area, not butchered in house but cured in Gubbeen in the same way.

Gubbeen Smokehouse has a high standard in the pork that we use, as a result we set up Our Piggy Co-op as a means of organising the pigs we source in and rear our selves, this is the majority of what we use and for more details please visit www.piggyco-op.com, we also have pork we source in from Stauntons of Timoleague which is for our Gubbeen Cured range.

Gubbeen smokehouse is one of the bigger supporters of outdoor and traditional breed pig rearing and straw pen rearing in winter in the Cork area.

We are glad that we are able to produce the majority of the pork we use in the Smokehouse on the farm and from the Piggy Co-op! With the pigs we produce on the farm, their piggery looks out over our land and down to the sea; pens are large, straw filled and open to the fresh air and light, we hope the pigs appreciate the view!

 Management of pigs in West Cork does not allow for their running outside all year round.  Cloven hoofed animals hate rain!



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In the Summer we run the sows and boar together out in the fields. They live in hutches and root the land where we feed them additionally once a day. They come home to farrow in the piggery and generally the young stay with the sow for approximately 6 weeks.

The focus of all our piggery work is that we rear our animals to provide our customers with very good quality Pork and Smoked Meats. The key products for Gubbeen Smokehouse is of course the famous 3 star gold medal Ham, Fingal has on offer permanently all year round cuts of cured, farm reared Gubbeen ham, either smoked or green, as so much work has been done on salt balance in his cures these hams and the cuts do not need any soaking they are ready to cook. The rashers too are either Smoked or Green and you can choose the lean loin rashers or the belly.

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One of the most popular of the Smokehouse products is the Chorizo, either the cured Salami version or the fresh cooking chorizo, all made from traditional recipes from Spain with influences of great quality Paprika and spices and herbs. The Salami is very traditional in its flavour - the longer cured having a truly unique Gubbeen Smokehouse signature flavour.

The Summer days and cooking outside which is a big part of life at Gubbeen brings the marinated chops and spare-ribs out, so simple to cook and again that flavour of well reared meat with punchy marinated sauces.

The Farmer's Markets we go to are the best way to meet us and to try our foods, so please do contact us if you are interested in what we are producing and we can let you know where you can find them in your area.

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Please contact us for the availability of our entire product list, this can be a question of waiting a few days while Salamis or Chorizo ripen. Call: +00 353 (0)28 27824 or +00 353 (0)87 85874321

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"…Gubbeen is at the centre of the region's artisanal food movement, and at their heart is the family that is helping to define the whole phenomenon…."

Colman Andrews author of 'The Country Cooking of Ireland'





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