oatcakes2 'A combination of the Traditional Skills of Gubbeen Cheesemakers and Artisan Baker Robert Ditty. The best local ingredients - good food from the land.'

The Gubbeen Oatcake - Traditional Oatcakes with Gubbeen Cheese


On a visit to Belfast we met a Baker - Robert Ditty. We shared many ideals about food in our regions. ‘Local foods,’ he said, ‘need to have history and skills that had been handed down - like the oatcakes made in Northern Ireland.’

The Armagh Oats that he uses in our Gubbeen Oatcakes give them the depth of flavour that is almost unique to this sort of baking. Robert has been making his own oatcakes - now world famous - all his life and his father did so before him.  They are a skilled and delicious food - but we added Gubbeen cheese and of course we use butter and skill in making them!

They are really out on their own our customers say, so please let us know if you would like to stock them. There are 10 large oatcakes in each box and we can send them to you by the case of 12 boxes if you like.

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They are sold in many good outlets in Ireland and now in Selfridges in London, please let us know if we can help find them near you!

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