Small Gubbeen Cheese (400g)
  Small Smoked Gubbeen Cheese (400g)
  Gubbeen Oatcakes
  Gubbeen Salami
  Gubbeen Chorizo
  Gubbeen Pepperoni
  Gubbeen Venison Salami
  Gubbeen Pistachio Salami
  Gubbeen Sun Dried Tomato Salami
  Mella’s Vanilla Fudge
  Mr. Pettersen’s Raspberry Vinaigrette
  Red Strand Coffee (250g bag)
  Rearour Orchard Marmalade

Photograph for illustrative purposes only



Delivery - We will deliver free to any of the Farmer’s Markets where we have our Gubbeen stall weekly: Bantry, Skibbereen, Mahon Point Cork.

Otherwise we can ship anywhere in Ireland for you with overnight delivery.

Delivery charge: Cork County €9 Nationwide €11.50

Last delivery dates to Farmer’s Markets:
Mahon Point, Cork - 20 December
Bantry - 21 December
Skibbereen - 22 December

To ensure that your hamper is received in time for Christmas orders must be placed by 13 December. Orders received after that will be sent out in the New Year.

If you would also like to order a copy of Gubbeen by Giana Ferguson to be include with your hamper at an additional cost of €20 then please tick the box in the order form below.


If you live outside Ireland but would like to order a hamper as a gift for someone living in Ireland, please enter their details below.


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